Aqua Reveal: Corporate Art Commission for Beauty Brand

Aqua Reveal  2018, Mixed Media

Aqua Reveal

2018, Mixed Media


My initial thought was a highly textured piece with rough uneven surfaces and fine lines contrasted with a smooth backdrop to showcase the product at work.


For the color scheme, I replicated the product's signature color by playing with hues of teal and aqua green. I used acrylic and art paper to create a textured background to mirror the skin's surface pre-application. To create the lines, I used a dining knife to spread acrylic across the canvas.  


I was fortunate to be awarded a commission by Aqua Reveal, an innovative Korean beauty personal care brand launched by Tammy Park (Founder, CEO). Tammy attended my show at Superfine NY (May 2018) and was drawn to Kyoka Suigetsu. As the company was moving into their newly established corporate office, she was interested in an artwork that captures the essence of the brand.  

Kyoka Suigetsu  2018, Acrylic, Oil and Pastel  36 X 24 x 1.5 IN

Kyoka Suigetsu

2018, Acrylic, Oil and Pastel

36 X 24 x 1.5 IN

As Tammy was drawn to my use of resin in my other artworks, I  incorporated streams formed through a controlled application on the canvas to replicate the product's soft water peel in motion.


When presenting my draft, Tammy had an excellent idea of incorporating some bright splashes of color and we agreed on red and orange, representing the inner glow revealed through the brightening ingredients in Aqua Reveal. We also decided to enhance the aqua green and cobalt teal layers over the blue background.

I had an enriching experience as this was the first corporate branding art commission that I have worked on. The challenge was to create art that showcased the commercial features of the product whilst maintaining my aesthetic as an artist.  

I would like to thank Tammy again for this opportunity. For more information on Aqua Reveal, please visit


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