The Storm Clouds: Commission by Larry Stewart Custom Homes

The Storm Clouds

2018, Mixed Media

40 x 40 x 1.5 in

I was honored to be selected by Larry Stewart Custom Homes, a luxury housing developer based in Texas, for a commission based on one of my existing artwork entitled "The Storm".

The Storm  2017, mixed media  19 x 25 x 1.5 in

The Storm

2017, mixed media

19 x 25 x 1.5 in

As opposed to replicating the painting, I wanted to create something more personalized while keeping the original bright colors that the client was drawn to.

Through a series of correspondence with the client, I got a sense of her personality: a resilient woman that rose above each challenge. I was inspired to celebrate these insurmountable obstacles as represented by the ominous green storm clouds, often a precursor to hails and tornadoes.

The Storm Clouds 1

The colors in the painting also captures the genesis of storm clouds: light under very tall thunder clouds appear blue, due to the scattering of water droplets within, and when illuminated with red light (from the sun), the blue clouds would appear green as postulated by Scott Bachmeier, Research Meteorologist. 



I started working on The Storm Clouds using my signature colors of cobalt blue, aqua green, teal and dioxazine purple. After scanning the original Storm, I enhanced the green hues digitally and created cloud-like forms. 

The Storm Clouds - 2

Resting the canvas on an angle, I sprayed a mist of water at the top and edges to create the streams of rain. For the white cloud condensate around the storm clouds, I applied a "dusting" using light blue and white oil pastel. 

The Storm Clouds

Upon presenting the draft, I was ecstatic that the client was pleased with the painting. The Storm Clouds now is on display at one of their recently finished luxury house in Colleyville. 

This has been an enriching experience for me personally and a significant advancement in my art career. I would like to thank my client for this tremendous opportunity. 

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